Research directions of SIERRA:

1. Mineral:

  • Environmentally friendly mining equipment and technology
  • Research and application of smart mining models
  • Optimized device synchronization in mining
  • Applying artificial intelligence (AI) in forecasting and optimizing technology stages
  • Research and application of modern, effective and safe blasting methods
  • Research and application of 4.0 technology in monitoring impacts in blasting
  • Research and application of UAV in mapping, mine safety monitoring
  • Resource management and spatial planning
  • Digital and automation
  • Research, foster training, and technology transfer in the field of industrial explosives, and occupational safety and health.

2. Processing and Metallurgy:

  • Optimization of metal, non-metallic and coal ore extraction process.
  • Research and apply modern extraction technologies to increase mineral recovery efficiency
  • Research and manufacture new materials
  • Reuse and recycle minerals
  • Circular economy in metallurgy
  • Reuse and recycle mineral sequestration wastes

3. Environment Technology:

  • Model of optimal environmental rehabilitation and restoration in mining
  • Application of AI in forecasting environmental impacts in mining and processing
  • Applying 4.0 technology in environmental quality monitoring
  • Research and manufacture equipment to reduce air pollution
  • Research to reduce greenhouse gases in the mining industry
  • Treatment of acidic wastewater in mining
  • Emission and greenhouse gas management
  • Development of environmentally friendly materials
  • Treatment and recycling of waste from the mining industry
  • Multilateral cooperation and national policy
  • Circular economy in the mining industry