SIERRA's main operational capabilities in the fields of consulting and investment include:

1. Science & Technology activities (Certificate No. A-425 - Ministry of Science and Technology):

  • Scientific research and implementation of topics and projects in the field of geological exploration, mining, mineral processing, metallurgy, materials, environmental protection and response to climate change.
  • Producing products as a result of scientific research and technological development.
  • Consulting, technology transfer, project planning, design, consulting, appraisal, environmental impact assessment, environmental rehabilitation and restoration.
  • Capacity building training for organizations and individuals.
  • Organizing scientific conferences and seminars in the fields mentioned above.
  • Cooperate with domestic and foreign organizations and individuals to perform the Institute's tasks.

2. Hoạt động xây dựng (Chứng chỉ năng lực số HAN-00056150 – Sở Xây dựng Hà Nội):

  • Survey/Topography/Category III
  • Surveying/Geology/Grade III
  • Design and verification of Account/Civil/Class III
  • Engineering design and verification/Industrial (Metallurgy and mechanical engineering; mining and mineral processing)/Grade III
  • Supervision/LDTB on mining works/Class III

3. Some other consulting services:

  • Market research (collecting data and assessing economic, political, social, legal, tax system... related to investment strategy/plan).
  • Find projects, conduct negotiations.
  • Conduct geological exploration survey, construction survey, research investment opportunities.
  • Feasibility study, investment project verification, EIA, CPM, legal documentation for licensing investment activities, exploration and mining and mineral processing.
  • Technical design, construction drawings, design verification of metal mines, construction materials.
  • Representing investors to collect data and make specific plans for project implementation.
  • Consulting on building financial plans, supporting capital mobilization.
  • Project management and exploitation,…

From 1997 to present: Carrying out the above consulting works for mines, mineral and metallurgy factories: lead zinc metal, gold, iron, titanium..., white sand, high-grade and common building materials; factories apply new technology to thoroughly treat waste generated in the metallurgical process to recover heavy metals, promote circular economy and reduce emissions to the environment.