Some new technologies researched by SIERRA:

  • Method of blasting flat explosives, capable of pushing a part of a mountain to a predetermined distance, Moscow State University of Mines, former Soviet Union (1992).
  • Technology for producing DAP fertilizer (diamoniphosphate – (NH3)3PO4) for DAP Factory Project No. 3. Technology for treating grade II and IV apatite ore, the first time in the chemical field, allowed to be put into use billions of tons of ores of grade II and IV have not been treated so far, the Ministry of Industry and Trade appraised, approved and reported to the Prime Minister in 2011. On the basis of established technology, the Government has approved the policy and the Investor was granted 250 ha of land to implement the project.
  • Technology to reduce and recover sulfur in iron ore concentrates, reduce the content of S, which is a harmful component in iron ore concentrates used in steelmaking.
  • Technology of mining, selecting and processing copper ore into copper sulfate and copper powder.
  • New technology for new construction, renovation of old mines into modern mines, improvement of technological criteria for mining and mineral processing to improve socio-economic efficiency for enterprises and mines, factory and locality.
  • Researching and making rules for environmental protection and restoration in the mining process; overall management - technical solutions to serve the post-mining environmental reclamation and restoration.
  • Technology to treat sludge from acidic wastewater with pH = 2.5÷3 at Na Duong coal mine.
  • Technology to treat biochemical sludge, industrial sludge, hazardous waste, and common waste for domestic iron and steel complexes, instead of incineration and landfill methods, does not completely solve the effects of affect the environment.
  • Technology to collect and calculate iron ore from tailings discharged from iron ore refineries.