Some of the following scientific research and engineering projects are carried out by SIERRA:

Scientific research projects

  • Implement state-level and ministerial-level projects to research electrochemical corrosion resistant steel, smelting high strength low alloy steel, smelting sponge iron, ferro smelting, metallurgy on the basis of iron ore metallization, production shaped coke for metallurgy, steel refining outside the furnace, research and fabrication of prestressed steel on advanced technological lines, production of CaC2, export tin, antimony, pre-treatment for dephosphorylation in liquid iron, recycling metalworking…
  • Since 1990, researched and established technology, deployed and built the first factories to collect and process ash and slag from Pha Lai, Ninh Binh, Uong Bi thermal power plants...; put clean fly ash products into cement production at Hoang Thach, Bim Son, Hai Phong cement factories... ; put fly ash into manufacturing large block roller compacted concrete (RCC) at construction works of Son La, Ban Ve, Song Tranh 2 hydropower plants…; building the Bai Thuong, Tan Giang dams...
  • Participating in the development of software to design and simulate explosion sequences for drilling and blasting in open-pit mines (2013).
  • Research and manufacture a set of teaching equipment to practice electric blasting (2015).
  • Guiding and implementing practical construction as required for flat explosive blasting method and other modern explosive methods such as: Boundary explosion in foundation pits of hydroelectric projects; explosion in conditions of abundant groundwater; explosion adjusts the amount of medicine on the borehole to enhance rock breaking, reduce the long splash; through-hole differential explosion, carbide fractional detonation; explosion control in strict safety conditions such as close to high voltage poles, cable cars, high-class hotels, etc.
  • Cooperating with enterprises (VINACOMIN, Samsung…) in science and technology of mining, mineral processing, metallurgy, treatment of common and hazardous solid waste, sewage sludge, waste residue from coal mines, ore mines. Research and invest in new product projects to increase the added value of metallurgical products of copper, zinc, lead, tin, gold...
  • Participating in the program of the United Nations, UNDP on environmental treatment and protection in Quang Ninh mines. Practical research, data collection, establishment of rules for environmental protection and restoration in the process of mining, discharge of soil and rock, mine surface wastewater, dust and gas treatment of open-pit mines and underground mines in Quang Ninh (2007-2008).
  • Participating in the topic: Research on solutions to restore the environment after exploiting the construction stone quarry cluster in Dong Nai province. Applying the method of burying waste in Australia's open pit coal mine into the pit of quarries in Dong Nai area to bury waste in Ho Chi Minh City and Dong Nai province. Methane recovery for power generation (2016).
  • Develop a handbook to apply best technologies and best environmental management practices to reduce emissions from the metal mining industry, under the National Action Program on Sustainable Production and Consumption in the second phase, period 2021-2030, Ministry of Industry and Trade (2021).
  • Research on SiCa alloy production technology to replace imports, used in steel production in Vietnam (under study).
  • Research and manufacture electrode plate based on Pb-Ag-Ca alloy used in electrolysis technology to replace imported goods (under study).

Engineering projects

  • Construction of 6 packages for construction of national highway 6, drilling - blasting, and rock breaking with high requirements on safety techniques (2003-2004).
  • Cooperating with Lung Lo Corporation - Ministry of National Defense in drilling and blasting of Chap Trai quarry, supplying Dung Quat breakwater, Dung Quat petrochemical refinery and Quang Ngai main port (2005).
  • Blasting with flat explosives, large-scale quarrying, Trang Kenh quarry, Hai Phong, Hai Phong Cement Factory.
  • Drilling - blasting, excavating the foundation of the beach villa area and Anh Nguyen beach tourism service - TP. Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa. High requirements on safety techniques for the sea cable car and Hon Tre hotel with a distance of 50 m (2006).
  • Drilling - blasting to pave the way to avoid flooding Bac Tra My, A Vuong hydropower plant (2007).
  • Contractor for Wolkem India Company opened 1200 m of road to Thung Pha Nghien white marble quarry, Chau Tien commune, Quy Hop, Nghe An (2009-2010).
  • The main contractor to open the mine, peel off the cover stone, exploit the white marble for Omya Company - Belgium - Thailand (2011-2012).
  • Main contractor for Mien Trung Construction Group, Thanh Hoa to execute drilling, blasting, excavating, transporting, digging molds, pouring concrete, completing V-shaped road Lung Cao, Nam Son, Ba Thuoc, Thanh Hoa - Tan Lac, Hoa Binh (2014-2015).