• Hanoi University of Science and Technology (Polytechnic)
  • Hanoi University of Mining and Geology
  • Moscow National Technology University, Russia
  • St.Petersburg Technology University, Russia
  • University of Miskolc, Hungary
  • University of Ulsan, Korea
  • Kyushu University, Japan
  • Beijing University of Technology, China

Research institutes and centers with laboratories of VILAS, LAS:

  • Vietnam Institute for Building Materials -VIBM (VILAS 003)
  • Institute for Technology of Radioactive and Rare Elements, Vietnam Atomic Energy Institute (VILAS 524)
  • Vietnam Institute for Building Science and Technology IBST (LAS - XD 05)
  • Vietnam Institute for Geosciences and Mineral Resources
  • Mining Electromechanical Research Center
  • Centre for Excellence in Analysis and Experiment
  • Geological Division for Radioactive and Rare Elements - Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment

Laboratories of international universities:

  • Gent (Belgium), Bayreuth (Germany), NTU (Taiwan), and Korea Institute of Geoscience and Mineral Resources (KIGAM).
  • SIERRA standard laboratory equipments meets the requirements of routine, fundamental analysis and experimentation.For intensive testing requirements, SIERRA works closely with well - known, domestic and internationally - accredited laboratories to perform.

Ministry and Government organizations:

  • Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT)
  • Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MONRE)
  • Ministry of Finance (MOF)
  • Ministry of Foreign Affaires (MOFA)
  • Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI)
  • Government Office, etc.

Groups / Companies:

  • Vietnam National Coal - Mineral Industries Holding Corporation Limited (VINACOMIN / TKV)
  • Dong Bac Corporation – Ministry of Defense
  • Vietnam National Cement Industries Corporation (VICEM)
  • Formosa Ha Tinh Steel Corporation (FHS)
  • Lung Lo Corporation – Ministry of Defense
  • Nam Thinh Manufacturing & Trading Co., Ltd (HCMC)
  • Domestic and foreign mineral exploration, exploitation and processing companies

Enterprises operating in domestic and international mining, mineral processing, metallurgy and chemical.