SIERRA INSTITUTE OF MINERAL, METALLURGY AND ENVIRONMENT TECHNOLOGY - SIERRA - was established in March 1997 and is headquartered in Hanoi, Vietnam. SIERRA is a member of VUSTA – Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations - a gathering of Vietnamese intellectuals and scientists.

SIERRA (formerly known as MISARC) is managed by leading Vietnamese scientists in the fields of MINING, MINERAL PROCESSING, METALLURGY, MATERIALS, ENVIRONMENT, and experience in research and technology application deployment in the country and internationally.

SIERRA offer scientific solutions to improve the efficiency of investment, production and business of enterprises or direct implementation of investment and businesses on the basis of results of scientific research, or technology transfer as turn key contract or other forms of cooperation.

SIERRA's leaders and administrators, scientists and specialists have successfully participated and implemented many outstanding scientific projects and projects, understood the management methods as well as the legal system for projects; is the most effective way to meet the basic requirements of domestic and foreign investors.

SIERRA advises and assists investors in various fields of investment and business in Vietnam from market research, project consultancy, evaluation for investment decision making; study and negotiate investment / project management and project design, operation and exploitation activities.

Our main business goal is:

  • providing consulting services for investment, application and transfer of technology, and development of projects in the field of mining, mineral processing, metallurgy, materials and environment; or directly co-invest
  • with international and local investment partners;
  • backed by its solid Government and local bodies relations;
  • on an institutional quality level;
  • maximize return for investors.

Management board:

Nguyễn Thanh Tuân D.Sc – Director, Vice President of Science Council

D.Sc Nguyen Thanh Tuan has vast experience, knowledge and competence in science, consultancy and publishing in the fields of mining, physics and chemistry. Dr Tuan is the only Doctor of Science in the field of open-pit mining in Vietnam. He sucessfully completed projects in research, scientific applications for production, environmental protection and also commanding construction works, transport, which demands high technical requirements.

His scientific career is closely linked to the achievements of scientific research and the application of SIERRA - Mineral Research and Science Application’ Center.

Associate Professor Ngô Trí Phúc PhD. - President of Science Council

Assoc. Prof. Ngo Tri Phuc PhD. - former Head of Department of Ferrous Metallurgy, now is the School of Materials Science and Technology at Hanoi University of Science and Technology (HUST).

From 1966 until now, he has headed and participated in many scientific research and technology transfer projects at the State level and at various levels such as iron and steel refining, low-alloy steel with high strength, anti- electrochemical-corrosion steel, sponge iron, fero, alloys...

Editors of many undergraduate curriculum on metallurgy

Scientific advisor in the process of construction and production technology of iron & steel mills, fero and alloy metallurgy...

Associate Professor Nguyễn Sơn Lâm PhD. – Standing member of science council

Assoc. Prof. Nguyen Son Lam PhD. - former Head of Department of Ferrous Metallurgy, now is the School of Materials Science and Technology at Hanoi University of Science and Technology (HUST).

Preside and participate in at the State level and various levels projects such as metallurgy on the basis of iron ore metallizing, shaped coke production for metallurgy, refining of steel SD 490, refining of steel outside the furnace, pre-stressed steel production on advanced technology lines, pre-treatment of phosphorus removal in cast iron, evaluation of metallurgical properties of ores, metal recycling... Prof. Nguyen Son Lam has also participated in state-level and ministerial-level councils for pre-acceptance tests of scientific subjects.

Expert of the State Council for Acceptance of Construction Works; quality inspections of construction works.

Member of the Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) Evaluation Committee, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, specialized in mineral processing, metallurgy, material recycling.

Scientific advisor, technology transfer of steel mills; fero, CaC2, tin, antimony production...

Engineer Kiều Cao Thăng – Mineral Beneficiation Expert

From 1966: Engineer Kieu Cao Thang has nearly 20 years of teaching mineral beneficiation at Hanoi University of Mining and Geology, and nearly 20 years working at the Vietnam Standard and Quality Institute (VSQI). The technical secretariat for the construction of 135 national standards for mining and nearly 200 national standards for areas related to the environment and human health such as health and public health.

From 1993, Engineer Kieu Cao Thang was one of the first scientists to research and deploy the technology and design, construction of fly ash and slag plants for thermal power plants in Vietnam, such as Pha Lai, Ninh Binh... Thermal Power plants.

Researching technology and designing, executing construction of mineral beneficiaton, metallurgy factories such as producing 30,000 tons of manganese fero per year, iron ore sorting ... in Vietnam; Mineral beneficiaton plants in Lao PDR, such as 5 million tons of coal per year, 4300 tons of gold per day etc.

Management structure